Grief and Regrets EP

by Natalia Madej

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released June 8, 2013

Vocals, Lyrics (tracks 1, 2, 3, 4) by Natalia Madej
Programmed, Arranged, Produced, Piano, Classical Guitar, Accordion, Lyrics (tracks 4 & 5), Backing Vocals, Recorded, Mixed, Mastered by Mateusz Bąk
Cover by Przemek Oleksyn
© 2013




all rights reserved


Natalia Madej Gmina Inowrocław, Poland

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Track Name: Express
I’m not here to say
What I have done wrong
I’m living on the line
Where the rules are breaking down
No one needs to care
Of words that hurt me
I’m within the dance
Can hear the lights deep

You can now express your feelings
Dancing in the dark
God is ready for your sins so
Don’t you dare to hide

I can stare at you
And saying nothing
Letting free my feet
And never stopping

You can't feel what I am feelin', no
You can't say what I am sayin', no
Track Name: Fearless
I made myself crying
I made some stupid things
I never had a grief
But I regret this
My daddy never wanted
Admit he was afraid
And I was always fighting with my feelings

And I'm a fearless, fearless, fearless
Fellow I can see that you don't get this
One shot is better, better when it's feckless
You can't hear me screaming 'cause I'm breathless

Shooting down the heart
Aiming to the centre
Fellow could expect
That I'd rather do the same
Mommy wasn't happy
Mommy always tried
How I ever wanted to
Admire my pride

Dry tears of my voice
Tears of my soul
Tears of my eyes
Track Name: Forgive or Kill
I was looking for an empty space
Where the greatest sounds could have played
I wanna face the reality
Deeply hiden words and deeply sins

You forgive it, forgive that, then you kill this, you kill us, oh

Coming out of better place
Badly built and badly named
I was hiding in the line of lie
So don’t you dare call it paradise

You kill these feelings, I do my best
No cares if you are the worst, the worst
You kill this fighting of your place
I can’t deny you broke me down
Track Name: Stupid
Every day like a stupid dream
Your words mean nothing to me
Don’t steal my time
Play with yours
I’m on my own, the future is lost

I fuck your rules, you’re not like me
It’s not about morality
You said it’s stupid so many times
Love plays a fool now, I’m out of love

I still can leave, I still can go
Without your hand holding me close
So hide your soul, sell your dreams
The past is gone, they don’t belong to me
Track Name: Do What You Want
Do what you want, but remember to find yourself